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Protective Security Systems in New York, NY

While maintaining your locks and getting new keys are excellent services we provide, our security systems are also a great way to take the protection of your home or business to the next level. The security services provided by ADA NY Locksmith Inc. in New York, NY, are thorough, efficient, and fantastic for helping to prevent break-ins and allowing you, your family, and your business to stay safe. 

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Alarm Systems & Cameras

A staple of our security system options is alarms and cameras. These allow you to be alerted to any intrusion and can help provide evidence for the police to identify the perpetrators. Contact our team for the installation of high-tech alarm locks and cameras to ensure you stay connected and remain safe no matter when the break-in occurs. 

Secure Your Belongings

Along with having alarms and cameras, it’s a good idea to have other preventative measures in place to help prevent criminals from breaking into your home or business. In business for 35 years, ADA NY Locksmith Inc. provides excellent window security bars, window gates, and smart or combination locks to keep people out and your possessions safely in. We also provide safe repairs or can open a safe that you’ve been locked out of.

Access Control Systems

Our more advanced security systems include access control systems. These systems provide you with electronic locks and buzzers to allow you to decide if someone can get in or not. Having an access control system like this prevents people from just walking into your business and allows you to keep people out in a safe and easy way. We work with the best access control systems on the market, so you never have to worry about subpar results.

Keep Your Home or Business Secure

It’s crucial to protect your home or business. At ADA NY Locksmith Inc., we take security systems seriously and work with you to address any concerns or potential threats you may be worried about. Let us provide you with the safety and security you deserve. Call us today to learn about our security system options. 

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